Eating in Boracay

On at least one of the days I am there, I would hope to be able to check out one of Boracay’s local markets; the Talipapa Market. It is a place where many of the locals sell fresh fruits and vegetables, and what they are most known for, their seafood. However, you won’t only find food at this market, but also toiletries, products for your home and even clothing!

We have something similar to this in Vancouver called Granville Island. I can almost be certain however, that the atmosphere of a local market in Vancouver is much different than in a market in Boracay, so I am not so sure what to expect.

One of the most exotic fruits in the world is Mangosteen, which is also one of the fruits of the Philippines. Going to the Philippines, I hope to experience the culture as much as possible, and eating their abundance of fruits seems like an appropriate way to do so. I have always been one open to trying new foods, so it is a bonus for me that this exotic place has plenty for me to try.

I haven’t specified which restaurants in particular I would like to eat at since I am open to trying anything while I am there, and I am sure that the staff at the hotel will be glad to help me out


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