The Travel to Boracay

The journey to Boracay is a lengthy one, as I am required to take 3 planes and 1 boat just to get there! Needless to say, relaxation will most definitely be in order once I arrive.

I plan on taking the 11:50AM Air Canada flight on June 1, 2013 to Manila with a stopover in Soeul, Korea and finally arriving in Manila at 11:00PM. Caticlan is considered one of the main gateways to Boracay. I would therefore need to get there first, but because I arrive so late, the next flight out to Caticlan is not until 6:20AM the next day. I will therefore be required to rent a hotel room for the night of the 1st. I have decided that realistically, staying somewhere close to the airport is my best option. I have chosen the Manila airport hotel since it is conveniently located within the airport complex so getting there will be quite easy. The flight from Manila to Caticlan is quite short, be it, I would land at around 7:20AM. From there, I would need to take a short boat trip to reach my final destination – Boracay! Although I can already tell that this trip will be quite tiresome, I know that in the end, it will be all worth it.

Round trip flight from Vancouver to Manila: $1,332.21

Hotel stay in Manila: $62.25

Round trip flight from Manila to Caticlan: PHP 6,144

Round trip boat from Caticlan harbour to Boracay: PHP 155


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